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Press Release: Communications for Research Rebrands as Qlarity Access

CFR to Qlarity Access

Press Release: Communications for Research Rebrands as Qlarity Access

[Cuba, MO, September 26, 2023] Communications for Research, Inc. (CFR), a research logistics company, announces their rebrand today as Qlarity Access (pronounced “clarity”). A team of 80 US based researchers, the company brings clarity to its customers through the execution of research recruitment and data collection using its Research Logistics Proven Process. This process simplifies complex fieldwork into clear, manageable steps that ensure trustworthy research results. With this rebranding comes a new website, a new visual identity, and a renewed positioning based on the company’s core values of the importance of engaging people in research the correct way. 

CFR was founded in 1997 as a telephone research recruitment company. Current owners and Co-CEO's Curtis Burrow and Colson Steber, who purchased the company in 2016, have transformed CFR over the past eight years into the research logistics business that it is today. The company now executes on over 500 custom research studies annually, split across quantitative (⅔) and qualitative (⅓) research, conducted over the phone, online, and in person. 

The Qlarity Access brand better represents the reality of the current company - a research logistics company that works directly with the research user to bridge the gap between strategy and results. The company does this with a principled, proven approach to understanding the vision of the research outcomes, knowing how to engage people to participate, and executing to provide clear answers for decision makers. 

“The current identity of the business is based on this very principled, intentional focus of creating clarity in decision making which we do by building confidence in the research outcome that's getting delivered. We do this through our Research Logistics Proven Process which is set up specifically to do just that” says Colson Steber, Co-CEO of Qlarity Access. “Rebranding as Qlarity Access is how we capture that and represent it out to the world. The way we stop just describing ourselves, or commoditizing ourselves, and start actually saying that we're unique.”

Adam Bird, Director of Strategy at Deksia, the marketing agency helping with the rebrand, worked through facilitated discussions with company leaders to better understand the company identity and values and discovered "Qlarity Access' driving force is that everybody matters. And it's deceptively complicated, because it's not just, 'oh yeah, I care about people.' It's actually that everyone matters and they truly care.” He goes on to say “That belief has always been there, but the labeling and packaging of CFR didn't align with it the way Qlarity Access does.”

Qlarity Access is proud to provide Ag Access and Vet Access as core service offerings. These services grant customers utilizing the proven process access to a community of over 400,000 ag related and veterinary professionals from farming to animal health to hobby growers to landscaping and turf management.

About Qlarity Access: 

Qlarity Access is a research logistics company serving insights professionals and strategic consultants who use research to inform critical business decisions. With almost three decades of experience conducting studies in both the B2B and B2C space, we offer audience access, questionnaire design, project management, data collection, and custom logistics plans to help drive your business forward. Our proven process brings clarity to the execution of market research studies from initial strategy through recruiting and final delivery of outcomes.

For more information about Qlarity Access and its wide array of research logistic solutions, please visit

Colson Steber, Co-CEO,
Katie Taddei, Director of Marketing, 


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