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Our goal is to transform strangers coming together for one project into a team that works in lockstep to achieve repeated successful research outcomes. 

The Xperience Qlarity Formula is the way that we do just that. It was created and perfected through nearly 30 years of research logistics - the planning and execution of market research - and is truly what sets us apart. It is our commitment to understanding and defining research objectives, pinpointing the target audience, and providing access to that audience, regardless of how niche it may be. Through this process, we bring confidence in research results for our clients to make the impactful decisions they need for their businesses.

The Xperience Qlarity Formula

Xperience Qlarity Formula

Step 1: research logistics plan

Each project begins with a Research Logistics Plan - created specifically with its needs in mind. Through asking key questions, we cover everything from objectives to target audience and sample size to methodology to budget and timeline. This plan is the roadmap of clear commitments for the full project for so that client and partner are aligned on expectation and next steps. 

step 2: configure

Our team works through the research elements, whether it be for quantitative or qualitative research. Technical setup, when required, is covered in this phase - web survey programming or virtual conferencing set up. While working through this, we work with our clients to refine any details as needed and create a communication plan that covers frequency of updates, success measures, and data quality processes

step 3: access

This is the nitty-gritty of the research process - the recruitment of participants and data collection phase. We take charge of obtaining the participants needed for the successful completion of the research project, including thorough data quality checks throughout fieldwork.

Step 4: Confidence

Utilizing our Research Logistics Plan, our team develops and delivers results in the format that works best for you. Our guiding light throughout the entire research process is the needs of our clients and the final outcomes we strive towards - not just the data, but the decisions to be made and the actions to be taken. 

Experience the Power of the Xperience Qlarity Formula

Ready to use the Xperience Qlarity Formula to reach your goals? Reach out to us today. We ensure a high-quality experience for both you and your respondents with thorough planning and research execution. Request a quote and embark on your journey to powerful, data-driven insights with Qlarity Access.