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Announcing a Change in Ownership at CFR

Announcing a Change in Ownership at CFR

I am happy to announce that, as of Monday, May 2, Curtis Burrow and I are the new owners of Communications for Research, Inc. (CFR) after having purchased the business outright from founder and outgoing president, Jim Steber. After creating this company and adeptly overseeing its operations for 18 years, Jim has decided to retire.

Together, Jim, Curtis and I have been working out a plan to transfer the business in a way that preserves its evolving vision as a passionate, employee-owned operation that focuses on supporting the community of people who work here and delivering service to our customers that wins repeat business. Curtis and I will serve as co-CEOs, with his primary focus on customer service and IT and mine on finance, marketing, and sales.

What’s Changing and What’s Staying the Same
Current clients, employees and associates may be wondering exactly how this ownership change will affect them and our business. To put it succinctly: we want to emphasize that we expect no immediate changes and a continued focus on getting better every day. Curtis and I have already been managing the day-to-day operations and working our hardest to be the leaders we want to be as co-CEOs. Strategic improvements will continue to be developed and implemented on a regular basis.

As for outgoing President Jim Seber, he will join our Board of Directors to help guide our decision-making process and contribute ideas to our growth-oriented strategies that are currently being executed on. Jim founded this company in 1997 and has spent 32 years working in the market research industry. The values that he built the business on of integrity, faith that people are good, and an insatiable desire to achieve our dreams are the foundation of what makes this business great. Curtis and I are honored that he was willing to entrust CFR, his pride and joy, to us. 

A Vision Towards Future Growth

This is an important step in achieving our dreams, fulfilling our aspirations as a company, and a sound business decision to secure a sustainable future. Curtis and I are fully engaged in taking this business forward to new levels of success. We will continue to lead with a focus on putting every person that works here in a position to succeed in delivering service to our customers that builds long-term relationships.

CFR, the Researcher's Support Team will continue to provide pro-active primary research data collection, project management, and support to corporate research teams, full-service research firms, and independent research consultants nationwide. We invite you as a client, employee or partner to grow along with us and see what amazing things we are capable of together.

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