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CFR Pulse: January 2020 Company Update

CFR Pulse: January 2020 Company Update


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CFR 2019 Review

  • We rolled into 2019 on a high from 5 straight quarters of significant revenue growth and high work in progress volume to begin the year.
  • The #1 thing we had to accomplish - Service Delivery Consistency
  • The bridge to get there - Building our team


2019 Investments

  • Service Products
    • We started our own Ag Access panel and licensed Ag Equipment data
    • We formed partnerships with a few research technology companies that would create new and improved service offerings

  • Team
    • We moved roles of Jason Lorah (Account Manager) , Andrew Plyler (Account Manager), and Ariel Coleman (Senior Project Manager) less into service delivery and more into driving customer relationships and service systems

  • Call Center
    • Create Interviewer skill-based Levels - goals were to prioritize on-going training, raise pay for performance, add opportunities to advance
    • Implement Acumax into hiring process - goal to do a better job finding the right people that are the right fit for the position 
    • Solidify management team - goal to elevate the right people focused on becoming great leaders for CFR
    • Environment - we put the managers in charge of leading a more positive community work environment and improved the space with the Dream Room

2020 Plans

We executed with varying levels of success on all of the 2019 investments.  We absolutely improved our service delivery consistency dramatically. Many investments cost a lot of time and money.  We grew revenue annually by 2.2%, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Our financial performance got worse with how much we re-invested.

In 2020 we are focusing on adopting an Entrepreneurial Operating System that will improve our focus on the right things at the right time.  I will go more into depth in future updates.

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