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What is a Microsurvey and How are They Used

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What is a Microsurvey and How are They Used

The word survey against business meeting-221518-edited.jpegIt’s evident that the world continues to spin at an ever-increasing speed for most people. Think about our preoccupation with fast food, mobile phones, convenience stores, Google. We want things and we want them now. With expanded and sustained reliance on those commodities that promote speed and efficiency, people are actively altering the planet. Scientists have even provided a name for it: “The Great Acceleration.” It makes sense that in order to reach busy people in a busy world, companies and businesses must accommodate them in ways that require minimal effort and minimal time. They must harness the Great Acceleration by providing easily accessible products and services and asking for the least level of commitment while doing so.

Because of this, microsurveys are becoming a staple of forward-thinking businesses wanting to harness the world’s accelerated pace. A microsurvey is just like it sounds: a very small survey.  It is usually only a few questions (10 at a maximum) that take less than a few minutes to answer. It can be a market researcher’s secret weapon when used in the following ways:

To Answer One Specific Question

Before you begin, make sure you have a clear idea about the type of information you need. If you’re looking to explore multiple issues, a microsurvey is not a viable research tool. If, however, you need data regarding one specific issue, which can then direct one specific action in the future, by all means, consider using a microsurvey to uncover it. When crafting your question(s), think about wording. There’s a big difference between “What do you think is missing from XYZ?” and “What do you like about XYZ?” People don’t know what they don’t know. Instead, focus on the types of questions that can be answered, like the second one.

To Target Consumers Conveniently and in Real Time

The beauty of the microsurvey is that it’s accessible to consumers at just the right time. Microsurveys should target consumers during an existing point of contact in order to facilitate the least amount of disruption to their schedules. This usually means positioning microsurveys to appear on the computers or mobile devices of respondents upon completion of online purchases or entrances/exits from a website. Allowing consumers the chance to voice opinions without unnecessary clicks or a massive time commitment, means greater opportunities for them to help you (see “mobile ethnography” for additional information). And more opportunities mean more data and more insight.

To Capture Information Quickly

Because microsurveys can capture consumer feedback in real time, companies can view results almost instantaneously. This is especially helpful because it continuously sustains input for innovation pipelines. The constant generation of feedback produces ideas and concepts that can be similarly tested, tweaked and launched in repeating cycles, hopefully generating improvements each time.

Learn More

Using microsurveys can often ensure an increased response rate, as well as response time. They are convenient to administer and take, and results are quickly delivered. Are you ready to see if they can work for your needs? Contact Communications for Research (CFR). We can help you determine how to garner actionable results in today’s accelerated world.

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