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Small Research Company, Big Research Reach

Small Research Company, Big Research Reach

A new project – a potentially big project – comes down the pipeline, and creates immediate excitement. But the winning of the work and the doing of the work are two different things. 

The tendency is to be an integral part of every step in the process, from writing the survey to presenting the final data analysis. Instead, capacity and expertise should be evaluated to determine the appropriate scope of involvement to maximize quality and profitability. 

Capacity and Expertise

Small lulls in workload may free up capacity to assign the project internally. Oftentimes, a brief slow down in work is unexpectedly met with an unforeseen busy period. If spread too thin, the final product or timeline requirements may suffer.

When capacity makes bringing work in-house possible the next consideration should be whether that work is the best fit with the expertise of the team. Consider the subject matter and determine if your team has the knowledge to successfully complete the practices within guidelines for best practices in the insights industry. Questions may include: 

  • Does this project require multicultural research beyond your team's comfort level?

  • Is extensive knowledge of a niche industry required? 

  • Does the project require a strong B2B research approach?

  • Will the team be able to access enough of the required respondent audience?

  • Are there CX research protocols that can easily be achieved?

  • Does the team have the graphics skills to create strong visuals for the final presentation?

  • Does the project require skilled survey question design?

  • Is someone on the team familiar enough with the platform to be used to ensure proper safety, privacy, and anti-fraud specifications are met?

Unsatisfying solutions may be hiring more staff to take on the increased workload, who will then have no work when workloads are light, or contracting a big vendor who specializes in churning out data without the personal touch smaller companies prefer.

A Sustainable Solution

The question to ask isn't always how to successfully complete a project, but who will bring about a successful result.

At Qlarity Access, we provide a professional workforce and expertise for each step of the process. We deliver resources to ensure the data compiled is a direct match to the data required to answer the business challenges and provide insight for business impact. We provide big vendor results with a small vendor personal touch. We take the time through consultation to understand your needs and provide optimal outcomes for each project.

Simplifying the Complex

A clear vision of the end goal doesn't always translate to a clear path to achieve that goal. Our organized process brings clarity to each project. This ensures the right resources are leveraged for project success. Proper market research project design is carefully considered before tasks are assigned. 

From ensuring the application of the right methodology, to orchestrating audience engagement; evaluating proper focus group type to proper survey design, our team executes the research process, and combines all these efforts to simplify the logistics, no matter what methodologies are required. 

Full Adaptability

One of the dangers of contracting a large vendor for research projects is the risk of getting lost in the shuffle when things go awry, thus delaying response time and execution of necessary adjustments to get the project back on track. To avoid an unexpected compression in the timeline, total flexibility and open communication are a must. A review of clear metrics and milestones and total accountability to the same means that our team remains flexible and keeps the project in motion. 

Delegate and Elevate

The ability to delegate pieces or entire market research projects means your brand is free of the burden of maintaining diverse expertise.  Market research firms and consulting groups can effectively expand their businesses without the correlated overhead. Big projects can be won and quickly moved into active fieldwork with little internal effort. 

Contracting Qlarity Access to work the logistics and details of any project can seem like a luxury, removing much of the "busy work" and more tedious details to our team. But the real luxury is the time it affords your team of experts to evaluate the data, design powerful visuals and unearth the powerful stories that the data reveals. A partnership with Qlarity Access means you maintain control from beginning to end, have a comprehensive management plan with the focus on delivering the end results, but still reserve your most valuable resources to interpret the compelling outcomes to deliver business impact.  



As companies grow, new opportunities arise. Sometimes new prospects or clients are unsure of the benefits of professionally executed market research. Our knowledgeable team prepared this free guide to help communicate the value of market research.

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