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3 Quick Tips To Refine Market Research Survey Recruiting

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3 Quick Tips To Refine Market Research Survey Recruiting

market research recruitment surveyThe results of a market research project are only as good as the data on which it is based and quality data stems from quality sources. Because of this, it’s paramount that businesses understand the importance of recruiting the right people for their opinions, perceptions and expertise when undertaking a market research study. Being able to refine a potential survey group until only the most appropriate respondents remain enables firms to procure applicable outcomes rather than specious ones.

Here are three quick tips to use when refining your market research survey recruiting efforts:

Go Social

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be surprisingly helpful when trying to focus in on the right people for your survey, especially if you are dealing with a B2B (Business to Business) study where in-depth knowledge of an industry is required. For example, once you know that you need to talk to mid-level managers in the food service industry, you can peruse LinkedIn for possible participants based on job title or company name. The Internet is free and quick and easy to use; it’s a great way to initially screen participants.

Be Specific

In order to get truly germane information from your group, you need to be as specific as possible when recruiting them. Make your qualifying questionnaire detailed, outlining specific characteristics respondents must possess in order to proceed. It is not enough to say: “Have you ever purchased a cleaning product from a hardware store?” Instead, narrow your focus with: “Have you bought a Lysol® brand non-aerosol bath cleaning product from Lowe’s within the past two months?” Refining your participant qualifications will allow you to recruit only the people who can best help you.

Get Personal

Everyone likes to feel special. Your market research survey recruiting efforts should aim to make personal connections with respondents that convey your appreciation for their potential usefulness in your campaign. If possible, don’t use form letters or mass emails to communicate with potential respondents. Do try to address them as individuals. Of course, your ability to do this will depend on the size of your group. If you don’t have too unwieldy a number, perhaps you can use information you discovered on social media sites to let each potential respondent know you’ve done your research and understand his or her value to your endeavor. People who feel appreciated will likely be motivated to help with and be engaged in your project.

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Communications for Research (CFR) has 20 years experience in market research survey recruiting. Contact us to learn how we can help you refine your search so that the most qualified respondents are identified, contacted and secured to participate in your next project.

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