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Planning for Project Success in Market Research

Planning for Project Success in Market Research

Planning for Project Success in Market Research

When considering market research needs, defining key results may be clear, but finding the right market research operations team can prove to be a challenge. Quality research results do not happen by accident. They are a result of carefully planned projects committed to end-to-end quality control. 

First Things First 

A great indication of success can be found in the quality of the preparation. Getting all of the details, timeframes, and expectations organized is a big part of proper planning. You need the confidence in research logistics partners you choose that they will handle your project with as much care and focus as you would yourself. From beginning to end, the right partner will conduct planning, fieldwork and analysis alike with focus and integrity. 

The first step with us will be developing a proposal plan. Before any survey research begins, a meeting should be planned to introduce team members and create definitions of:

  • Research specifications
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Communication plans
  • Escalation paths
  • Partner approval process if scope needs to shift or change

Kick-Off Call for Success

Within 24 to 48 hours of booking your research study, a data collection partner should be ready to schedule a project launch call. This should include going beyond the information provided in your booking and should instill total confidence in the clarity of goals and team alignment. The project manager should be introduced and able to set expectations for ongoing communication protocols. This project launch should also provide clarity by sharing the entire research logistics plan which answers the question:

What are the research specifications for the project?

  • Define objectives
  • Define methodology
  • Specify quotas
  • Detail sponsorship and incentives

What are the target audience engagement details?

  • Define audience description
  • Define screening criteria for qualifications
  • Define the sampling plan for source and availability
  • Define communication outlets for engagement
  • Define the respondent experience

What do we need from each other?

  • Define next step deliverables from your project manager to you
  • Define next step deliverables from you to your project manager
  • Define a future contact point

While a market research brief, product research project, or survey research plan may seem ready to field almost immediately, a well-planned and executed kick-off call is essential for total project success. This meeting sets the tone for ongoing communication along with answering all of the above questions. This provides vital information about what it looks like to complete a project and complete that project well. It is also the best way to help grow confidence in outsourcing research logistics and successful projects stack one on top of the other. Over time, success is not only measured for one project, but the whole of the partnership between data collection vendor and market researchers can provide a seamless experience for extending your team capacity without extending your overhead expenses. 

You're know how to best set your project up for success. But how do you determine the proper target audience? What should you ask them to know if respondents are the right people? Check out our Survey Design Best Practices and Screening Template to get you started. 

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