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Featured In: On the M/A/R/C Podcast

Featured In: On the M/A/R/C Podcast

Featured In: On the M/A/R/C Podcast

Wondering where Qlarity Access (formerly CFR) got its roots? Curious about Colson's 5 core daily habits? In this special podcast episode, Colson joins Merrill Dubrow and shares about his journey and success. 

On the M/A/R/C® is a podcast hosted by CEO of M/A/R/C Research, Merrill Dubrow. He is joined by executives and thought leaders who share insights, strategies and their personal experiences in the business world. 

Listen to Episode 37 with Co-CEO of Qlarity Access, Colson Steber, below!



"Researchers, oftentimes, are extremely focused on the objectives of the research study, the data, and how they're going to do analysis on that. But making sure that you've got screening questions that appropriately include everyone that should be part of the sample population, but also don't kick people out that shouldn't, is an art." 


Want the transcript of the episode? Download it here. 

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