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3 Key Tactics to Motivate People to Take Your Surveys


3 Key Tactics to Motivate People to Take Your Surveys

surveysThe key to success is often knowing what people want and giving it to them. Whether it’s a mother choosing the right remedy for her baby’s cries or Microsoft pitching its search engine Bing as its latest “next best offer” (NBO), the ability to gather, process and translate information for practical application is what fuels achievement over all areas of life. But not all information is created equal; to achieve success, relevant data is the only data that matters. In the business world, companies can only make informed decisions about people’s needs and wants and desires when they have the right facts at hand. Therefore, the survey (specifically, an online survey) is often an essential first step to securing requisite information.

We all know that motivating people to take a survey is easier said than done, though. It follows, then, that knowing what people want doesn’t just yield new products, it also provides the ways by which companies obtain the knowledge needed to produce those products. Sound confusing? It’s not. Put simply, businesses must know what people want in return for taking a survey so that they subsequently can access the necessary data needed for them to roll out appropriate and profitable products.

Our colleagues at Global Research Business Network, an organization connecting “4 regional federations, over 40 national market, social and opinion research associations and over 3,500 research businesses on six continents” have joined together with an additional 35+ partners to create Engage, a handbook of best practices for participant engagement experiences in the market research world. According to their studies and analysis, there are three main motivators for people to take a survey:

They Feel Their Input is Valued

A physical incentive is nice, but a lot of the time, people just want to feel that their opinions matter. Telling survey respondents how their participation will benefit the company can go a long way in securing their cooperation. Who doesn’t want to feel like an expert in something?

They are Personally Approached and Thanked for Their Participation

Being individually selected (if only by a personalized email or text) and told how appreciative a company would be if they participated help make survey respondents feel special. Both promote a sense of trust and validate the very human need to be acknowledged and valued.

They Receive Relevant Results from the Survey

Sharing some of the survey results is another motivating factor for many survey participants. Most people are naturally curious to see how other people think and feel. By relying some of their key findings, companies can satisfy or even further amplify a respondent’s interest in a particular topic, increasing brand equity and loyalty while doing so.

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Knowing how to get people interested in and responsive to online surveys is a valuable skill. Communications for Research (CFR) has over 20 years experience attracting the right people from which to harvest the right data. Contact us to see how we can motivate and inspire them, as well as you.

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