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How We Find Your Market Research Sample

How We Find Your Market Research Sample

How We Find Your Market Research Sample

How We Find Your Market Research Sample

For all our talk about research design, sampling and best practices, we thought it was about time we discussed how professional companies like CFR can aid with locating market research samples. In the most basic terms, our industry connections and ongoing relationships with partners afford us privileged access to former study roster lists, periodical subscriber lists, high-quality third-party contact lists and a number of other potential sampling sources. Our high level of experience allows us to quickly pre-screen lists, targeting the most relevant potential subjects that also conform to the desired demographics.

To explain our recruiting capabilities in more detail, here are the specific methods we use to increase your study’s chance of success when finding your desired market research sample:

Building Relationships with Industry Partners
We track our relationship with a select number of high-quality partners over time in order to craft more regular expectations on both sides of the fence. Simply put: there is a difference between the service — and even the actual sample records — you get when you create a personal relationship with the account executive at such companies. When you give them feedback on the performance of their contact list and become a repeat customer, you can genuinely improve the outcomes you achieve.

By working with these partners over time and delivering feedback, we gain the ability to locate samples with higher precision and with a much greater chance of meeting study goals. We also become familiar with our partners’ sample building process, such as how some companies choose samples through cellphone geographic targeting and others through complex cross-site attribution tracking.

Our familiarity with these partners also allows us to weigh the pros and cons of each, so our clients always get the benefit of the best possible decision for their research project’s needs. We can offer this service with confidence since we conduct our own research in-house and vigorously document the results regarding the accuracy and productivity of the personal samples we receive.

Telephone Sampling
We work with a number of popular telephone-based sampling agencies, including Survey Sampling International, an industry leader. We always look for a high level of accuracy and good-quality geographic targeting, especially for cellphone users. One preferred partner has a habit of curating high-quality B2B sample lists, whereas another specializes in tracking down segment characteristics beyond simple demographics, such as RV owners in the Southwest.
We always choose the partner that offers the perfect mix of capability and price for your given sampling needs.

Online Sampling
Our online sampling partners are willing to work closely with us in order to pursue the answers to your research question in the most methodical, objective-driven way possible. One such partner is EMI research solutions, with whom we have a solid working relationship as they always go beyond simple order-taking and seek out solutions to project demands.

Industry Sampling
Agriculture, medicine, technology — verticals like these all have related trade associations, regional groups, industry organizations and periodical circulation lists that we tap to find the most targeted sample possible for your research objectives.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Market Research Sample!
Between our own curated lists, our close working relationships with partners and our ability to decipher the optimal methodology for your project’s specific sampling needs, CFR makes for the perfect research partner.


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