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4 Things Clients Want from Their Market Research Agency


4 Things Clients Want from Their Market Research Agency



Market research has become a critical tool in our data-infused economy, so choosing the right market research agency has become a crucial step. Newbies and industry veterans alike must weigh their options carefully. To do so, they primarily look to the following qualities to find an exceptional market research agency that has a high probability of meeting their needs. 


Flexibility is likely the number one quality organizations need when trying to find a market research partner. “One size fits all” solutions no longer apply in an age when a brand’s uniqueness is what sets them apart. Additionally, companies of all size are taking advantage of market research, not just the large corporations.

Therefore businesses cannot afford to change their methods to fit market research demands. Instead, it should be the other way around, enabling customizable, agile responses to changing market conditions.

Collaborative Spirit

Marketing departments should be involved with their own research projects. Even if they intend to hand off a project and wait for the results, the initial planning process should involve collaborative discussion about how optimize the project to fit their needs.

Hands-on approaches absolutely demand a market research partner that can enhance the outcome of a project through collaboration. By keeping multiple touch points and seeing the project as a joint effort, the market research partner will help ensure that the client’s goals for the project come first.

Knowledge Integrated Throughout the Organization

A market research agency that is 90 percent marketers and accounts managers with few true experts is hardly a true market research agency at all. Decision makers must be familiar with the guiding principles and best practices of research work. Familiarity with technology, such as database coding, can also produce higher-quality work from the top down due to shared vision and expertise.

Familiarity with Both Old and New Techniques

A quality market research agency knows about the tried and true methods while keeping up with the latest developments, trends and practices. Telephone surveys may never die, for example, but they are becoming more advanced in the mobile-centric era.

An ideal research partner will mix the old with the new to produce the highest-quality project design possible. Download our free guide to learn more.

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