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3 Tips for Converting Telephone Recruits into Online Survey Completes

3 Tips for Converting Telephone Recruits into Online Survey Completes

3 Tips for Converting Telephone Recruits into Online Survey Completes

Quantitative market research has evolved to the point where online surveys are the default choice for many. Online surveys offer quality data collection that is often more economical that telephone research. Often within smaller geographic markets and specific target audiences, a mixed mode method of recruiting by telephone to go online is used to generate a representative sample. In addition to the benefits of online questionnaires for the survey administrator, participating in online surveys can also be a value-add for the respondent. Be sure to highlight these four items when convincing a telephone recruit to also participate in surveys online:

  1. Simple process: Provide the information in a clear and concise manner of exactly what communication  the respondent should expect to receive and what action you are expecting them to take after the phone call is complete.
  3. Convenience: Answering questions over the phone forces you to drop everything. Web-based surveys allow for the respondent to fit the research into his or her schedule. This flexibility should encourage the participants to answer thoroughly and increase survey completes.
  5. Incentive Programs: Online surveys often come with opportunity to opt-in to an ongoing panel with more opportunity to earn rewards and incentives.  Communicate clearly when people are signing up for only this one research opportunity or joining an opt-in e-mail list to increase trust and boost conversion rates.
  7. Collaborative Effort: As with all research, providing specifics of context about how the feedback will be used or the value of their opinions to the specific topic helps your chances they will engage once the initial conversation is over

You have already done the hard part if you have a person on the phone that is willing to participate. Converting them to a completed online survey should be easy if you make sure to focus on engaging them in ways that are proven to work.


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