B2B Customer Experience Research

B2B Customer Experience Research

The customer experience is most critical in B2B companies where each relationship & interaction is crucial to building & sustaining your business. For most industries, a business’s competitive advantage might rely solely on creating, safeguarding and enhancing customer perceptions. In these cases, you really can’t afford not to know what your customers think of you.

So if you’re ready to evaluate how customers perceive your business, B2B Customer Experience research may be exactly what you need to improve business outcomes:

Benefits of B2B Customer Experience Research

Through customer experience research, you’ll soon identify the key factors decision makers use to choose or retain your company’s services. Once these factors are known, you'll gain benefits through the following activities:

  • Your company can develop better marketing materials to target specific pain points and decision making factors of your target audience.
  • Knowing customer perceptions will help your company focus on things that will move the needle in operations and marketing communications.
  • Understanding what turns an opportunity into a customer allows you to focus resources to maintain strengths, overcome meaningful weaknesses, and shift away from aspects that lack impact.
  • During the customer experience research process, you will be gathering hard data to answer long standing questions, gauge high-level market acceptance of new ideas, etc.
  • When looking at why you lost customers or prospects, you have an opportunity to learn from mistakes to identify shortcomings, and expose sales pitch misalignment.
  • Get ahead of the curve by identifying potential threats, learning from “best in class” competitors, and evolving your business offering.
  • Customer experience research also has the potential to reveal customer segments that cannot be satisfied given business offering and objectives.
Our Services

At Communications for Research, our Customer Experience Research enables companies to retain and strengthen existing customer relationships while identifying and winning profitable future customers. That’s why we break down our CX research services into two categories: learning about existing customers and lost customers.

Existing Customers

In researching your existing customers, we examine the following questions:

  • Why work with us?
  • What makes our key customers unique?
  • What is really important to our customers and how do we do on the things that truly drive loyalty?
  • What are our strengths & weaknesses?
  • Gain perspective on other outstanding business issues.

Lost Customers

In researching customers you may have lost, we examine the following questions:

  • What didn’t we do (right)?
  • Where do current suppliers add value (or do they)?
  • How do we successfully target future relationships?

To learn about more customer experience research, check out our free eBook "How to Strengthen Your B2B Customer Experience with Marketing Research" today:

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