Market Research Services

Market Research and Data Collection Services
based in St. Louis, MO

research.pngCommunications for Research (CFR) provides a wide range of ad hoc market research and data collection services to consumer product manufacturers, industrial product manufacturers and service companies. Our team is committed to helping you find new and innovative ideas through our research. 

We adapt our method quickly for unique clients. For end users, full service marketing research firms, and other data collection companies, we can provide you with academicians. For specialty companies, we can design and implement creative solutions for your individual situation. Whatever your research needs – from a rough idea to a finished, pre-tested survey – we can help with every step of the way:

  • Research design development
  • Problem definition
  • Questionnaire development
  • Sample selection
  • Data Collection Services - Qualitative and Quantitative
    • Online surveys
    • Telephone surveys
    • Recruiting for focus groups, IDI's, online surveys, etc.
    • International interviewing/recruiting
  • Data Processing
  • Coding
    • Statistical analysis
    • Cross tabulation
    • Reports, charts, and graphs
Our Process

CFR streamlines the market research process from design to analysis, making it as smooth as possible. We assign a dedicated Project Manager to each study – a single contact to manage schedules, quotas, formats, refinements and even the management headaches. Your Project Manager will keep you updated of our progress with daily reports and provide you with the data you need in the desired format whenever you need it. In other words, your project is carried out according to your exact specifications and you're kept up to date during every step.

Our Data Collection Capabilities

We provide critical resources to reach all the necessary respondents in a way most comfortable to them. Our capabilities – both inbound and outbound – include:

  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Recruiting for focus groups, online surveys, IDI's (in-depth interviews), etc.
  • E-mail Surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Mixed mode interviewing (phone/online, phone/mail/phone, email/phone, etc.)
  • Telephone reminders
  • Telephone and in-person IDI's (in-depth interviews)
  • Telefocus groups
  • Email blasts
  • Email reminders
  • Central location testing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mock Jury

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