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The Insider’s Guide to Using Online Surveys

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Today many businesses are choosing to do their own "DIY research" by utilizing online survey tools. While this option is popular for many reasons, especially the low cost and ability to automate much of the process, it often doesn't yield the meaningful and actionable business insights needed to make a real impact.

Market research online survey tools are inherently limited. They lack branding and customization options, are often time-consuming to set up, offer limited options for advanced question designs, and can be hard to integrate with other vendors or even your own internal resources. Fortunately, your business does not have to accept these frustrating limitations or dramatically lower your expectations.

Instead, you can download our FREE eBook: “The Insider’s Guide to Using Online Surveys.”

In this comprehensive eBook you'll learn how to:

  • Find the right participants - and screen out the wrong ones

  • Test your survey and get feedback before you field it

  • Offer the most effective incentive to boost engagement

  • Write meaningful and relevant questions

  • Run a thoughtful email campaign

  • Utilize different question designs to reveal "WHY" and not just "WHAT"

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