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Executive Level Recruiting Specialist

Qlarity Access is a successful market research company, conducting qualitative and quantitative research in several industries, primarily Agriculture and Veterinary. Qlarity Access provides opportunity for professional growth and development in a casual, team-oriented work environment.

Qlarity Access is looking for a business professional with call center or qualitative recruiting experience with B2B audiences to support our qualitative operations.

Description of Position:

The Executive Level Recruiting Specialist at Qlarity Access is a critical supporting role within the organization, working under the direction of Project Managers. This is a new position within Qlarity Access which aims to improve qualitative recruitment and ensure a better experience for respondents. The goal of this position is to create relationships with ideal participants to foster greater participation and a more full community of professionals. 

The ideal candidate would have experience with networking, seeking out, and engaging with qualified candidates for market research studies within their field. This position requires strong communication skills and an ability to connect with a variety of audiences over the phone and/or email to identify qualified participants for research projects. 

Summary of Position:

Use existing and self created lists, to identify, connect with, and secure cooperation from participants for qualitative research. Preparing sample plans and discussing/reviewing with the Project Manager. Utilizing LinkedIn, podcasts, public interviews, magazine articles, personal biographies, website information, etc. to paint the picture of the ideal candidate and enable outreach to be professional and create a connection. Preparing any documentation that will be shared with potential respondents, must be very customized and written in a way that is professional, must have tremendous attention to detail. Accurately qualify research participants according to project specifications through internet search, email, and phone conversations. Research potential participants prior to reaching out to ensure they match criteria as best as possible and minimize lift and touchpoints for participants.

Typical Day to Day responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Accurately qualify participants according to the project specifications using screening criteria, or a recruiting script
  • Capture and track responses to qualitative screeners
  • Manage and protect respondent personal identifiable information
  • Monitor progress for ongoing recruits and provide regular reporting/updates on recruiting progress to the Project Managers
  • Alert the Project Managers to any unforeseen challenges with the recruit that could affect meeting the project timeline
  • Address participant questions and provide login instructions when necessary
  • Coordinate materials for participant homework assignments, if applicable
  • Send and collect nondisclosure agreements from respondents when needed
  • Complete reminder calls to recruits to increase show rates for the research
  • Follow-up with no-shows as needed
  • Help onboard qualitative research participants into Zoom focus group meetings as needed

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Personable and outgoing demeanor - a "people person" who is comfortable and able to connect with various audiences
  • Professional manner and the ability to be consistently polite and calm under any circumstances
  • Must speak English fluently and be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner
  • Strong organization abilities
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to work independently and collaborate with team members, clients, and vendors
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Extensive networking and computer research skills
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Base abilities or better in MSOffice products and/or GSuite
  • Must have a reliable High Speed internet connection (computer and phone will be provided)
  • Must have a dedicated work space that is quiet and allows the ability to work without interruptions

To Apply:

Fill out the online application form