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Case Study: Improving Response Rates with the Personal Touch of Phone Recruiting

Learn how phone research can still be used today to boost response rates and give important clients that hands on attention they need. 

Market research is all about fast and quick now; online only studies are the norm. But there are times where phone recruiting and interviewing can still take a study from struggling to thriving. Online only studies are easy to be ignored and overlooked, but when you need the full scope of data, like with a client satisfaction study, this can be a huge problem. 

Just a couple of the benefits of phone interviewing are:

  • Remove barriers for respondents to share feedback: if they had technical issues, or aren't computer savvy, a phone interview is a great option.
  • For those using client lists, it provides customers a personalized touchpoint: rather than just a couple of mass emails, clients get to speak with a person and know that someone is listening. 

Explore how Qlarity Access uses the personal touch of phone interviewing to get higher response rates and better feedback. Download your copy today!


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